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Aaaand after the multi-themed game I worked on for ages last time for the usual Sezza Twitch stream theme  I thought I'd make somethin' a lil bit smaller in scope. Which was very refreshing haha.

Covers the December 1st - 7th theme of 8bit/Pixel Art. With a buncha Twitch peeps again in starring roles. As well as ol' pooch-like friendo's. 'Tis more like an animation than a game, but I kinda like it that way haha.

Unfortunately once again I wasn't able to get a web version goin' due to a few errors I needa fix up with the software I used to make this, so only the Game Boy ROM's available.

Another page where I need to add credits and a video of when the game was streamed. I'll edit those together in the next day or two and add 'em. Plus, since I didn't write the date down just then, if I forget to do that then it'll get done in "the next few days" from when you're currently reading this. Hello there person and welcome to my basic as shit philosophical way of thinkin' haha.

There might be the odd graphical error and spelling mistake I needa fix too. Which I originally wrote as "fox" which kinda gets that point across haha.

Buuuut yussss; enjoy!


DiscoWithDogsRom.zip 213 kB

Install instructions

Load the rom into the emulator included in the ZIP file.

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