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Rik, one of the team behind GoodBoy Galaxy, picked up some physical Game Buoy Games stuff. 

Iv'e been following GoodBoy Galaxy and was a big fan on the Kickstarter demo so as a bit of an extra I quickly popped this together and mailed it with the games. And here it is uploaded to itch.
I was having some issues getting the web build to work so Iv'e included the downloadable rom on this page as well as a video of the whole game/animation/thing as a replacement for an embedded playable version.

I hope you enjoy viewin' this lil thing I made and have a great day haha.

Music used:

GBStudio Template - Chris Maltby

Into The Woods - JP

World -JP


GoodBoy Galaxy GB ROM 37 kB


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Puedes agregarle la etiqueta demake? (spanish)

Perdón por la respuesta tardía, acabo de agregar la etiqueta demake entonces. También usé Google Translate, así que espero que tenga sentido jaja


jajaja no hay problema y si esta traducido bien