The Retro Gaming Museum The Game: AVCon 2019 Version


Version 2.0. Lots of extra content added. Minor bug fixes improvements and enhancements. 

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Retrospekt, the retro gaming hub of South Australia, bring to you this virtual tour through the annual AVCon Adelaide and Video Games Festival’s 2019 event. 

A mysterious fellow in a coat with a huge ego won’t leave you alone, but you don’t care, you’re enjoying the atmosphere of the convention. That is ‘til you’re whisked away to another dimension. Or pushing ducks towards a hairy monster. Or having to stand in line.

It’s all worth it though as you make your way towards the final goal; the Retrospekt Gaming Museum.

Take a trip through gaming history and learn along the way as you experience this pixelated recreation of the Retro Gaming Museum that Retrospekt has put together many times over the years and various events, including yearly at AVCon.

This FREE Game Boy title, created with GB Studio, is available NOW to play in the window above. Playable on browser (with Game Boy style controls built in for mobile) with a downloadable ROM also available which can even be played on the original Game Boy hardware with a flash cart if you have one handy.

Have a great day and cheers for playing, from Retrospekt and Game Buoy Games!


Up - Up Arrow / W
Down - Down Arrow / S
Left - Left Arrow / A
Right - Right Arrow / D
A -Z / J
B - K / X
Start - Enter
Select - Shift

Will Still Be Updated If Needed:

  • If you see any errors, bugs, spelling mistakes etc. please let me know, many thanks and enjoy the game.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
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AuthorGameBuoyGames - Michael Towns
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ROM (December '19 Build) 140 kB
OLD ROM (July '19 Beta) 101 kB

Install instructions

Play in browser or download the ROM to play in an emulator or on the original Game Boy hardware via a flash cart.

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