The Scary Maze Game. An internet classic from...a long time ago. Now slightly unimpressively on Game Boy!


Zip through mazes! Avoid...walls! Reach the end!

If you ever played the original way back in the day please don't ruin the cute surprise at the end for anyone, cheers haha.

Originally started on something completely different to this for the GBCompo 2021, but a lack of time as well as that project kinda evolvin' into something bigger than I expected meant I wasn't quite ready in time. Mainly due to not having a playable build I'd be happy with lettin' out into the wild yet (stay tuned though, should be done soon). 

Soooo at the last minute I quickly whipped this together so I at least have some kind of game entered haha. Been wanting to make this since around the time I first found GBStudio so it's been neat to finally get a chance. 

Aaaanyway, hope you enjoy this quick lil thing and I look forward to tryin' out a bunch of the GBComp 2021 entries.  

And cheers for playin!

[The ROM's A More Recent Version Than The Web Build. Differences Being An Added Intro And An Audio Fix During The End Scene. Besides That They're The Same]


Download 43 kB

Install instructions

Run Rom On Emulator Or Flash To Cart.


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this is torture... 5 stars, 10/10