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Sezza Twitch Stream Weekly Theme, December 14th - 21st 2021; Snowglobes

Nice and small this time, reusing assets from the last couple of games. So you'll see the same teeny tiny faces pop up. But with a holidays flavour haha.

The Z keyboard key words as the A button for the Game Boy. Sometimes things will shake without pressing it though due to the dialogue button being the same one...whoops haha.

This was a nice refreshin' one after the longer project last time and the way longer multi-themed one before that.

Might have more time to work on that other big multi-themed game iv'e shown progress of a few times moooonths back. Had a lil astronaut space dude and a big computer screen with a face. Been a while since iv'e done anything with that so would be cool to start again haha.

Aaaand again; I'll add add music credits and a video here in the next few days hopefully.

Aaaaanyway, cheers everyone for watchin' and playin' my stuff over the past couple years. Keen for another bunch of themes to make stuff for in 2022.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year aaaaand enjoy!


SezzaSnowglobeRom.zip 217 kB

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