"A clan of ducks opened an interdimensional glitch-portal and have nabbed Sezza's presents! Those were for her fuzzy animals friends, noooo! Help her get 'em all back and thrawt the dastardly duck conspiracy against animals with hair."

Originally planned to be finished riiiiight on the deadline for Sezzadactyl's Twitch stream weekly theme, which ran over two weeks. And was themed 'round Christmas.

I ended up having two teeth yanked out that day, as well as more dental work done the day after. So I wasn't feeling great for a while there and only got 'round to finishing off the last few hours work on this just now. A week and a half late haha.

But also on Christas Eve, so...that kinda works well still. Tis only a short game, again mainly made with assets I already had or ones I had and altered. There's graphical errors too, some planned (the Koala area) and some not (text in cutscenes). Buuut everything still gets across all good haha.

Hope ya enjoy and have an amazing holidays, much love <3.

- Michael, Game Buoy Games

Music Used: https://github.com/DeerTears/GB-Studio-Community-Assets


SezzaVsDuckmasROM 71 kB


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Hi! Would it be possible to make the ROMs from this game and "One + Ten + Sixty" available for download?

And sorry for the double post, but I don't know how notifications work for comments in main pages, so I fear the comment may be missed.


Heyya, nah that's all good haha.
Didn't consider popping the roms up for these ones like the rest also, cheers for the suggestion. Iv'e uploaded both of the ROM's too so feel free to download 'em and have a great one :)