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Ayyyy lmao,

A game I put together to celebrate the Slopes Game Room podcast, known as SlopesCast reaching it's first anniversary. As well as the awesome community that's built up in that twelve months. There's in-jokes here but they should still be easy to understand regardless. As well as somethin' related to an April Fools joke I made years back. Which also should come across all good.

The actual date was a fortnight before this was uploaded, but I started this game a day or two before the original anniversary air date and didn't get it done in time. Planned to finish it by the next episode a week late. But nope haha. Have added to it a bunch in those times I didn't quite hit me deadline so it's probably better for it.

Iv'e tested through this a handful of times but there's may be the odd bug or spelling mistake due to me usually working on this late at night or early in the mornin'. Will update the game if problems are found aaand if I need to add anything.

I may play around with the visuals for the background more, mainly with the portrait images during most of the game. They're a bit...jumbled/blurry/something and I played around a lot with making 'em clearer with contrasting and outlines etc. but it's hard to have things be both clear and within the tile limit to have dialogue added too. 

I ended up going back a few steps after that and ended up with stuff that ain't too clear with facial features and such, but has a kind of Feel The Magic/Rub Rabbits look to it that's grown on me and I really like haha. So a lot of that might stay the same.

Buuuut yus; hope y'all enjoy this 'game' (kinda more of an animation with gameplay bits than anything haha) and I look forward to celebrating the twenty four month milestone next haha. 

Much love y'all and keep on keeping on, nothin' but a good thing.



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