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So this originally covered only one of the Sezza Twitch art themes.. Then I didn't get it finished on time. So I popped in the next weeks theme. And...that repeated for two months. 'Til I got it just about finished recently...buuut added two more haha. Has possibly ended up being my biggest project so far due to this, which is kinda neat. Despite probably being a bit all over the place. But I'm glad it's mostly done from the looks, despite a few graphical errors here and there. And I buggered up a few of the usernames which I needa go back and fix. As well as other stuff I've probably missed buuut it's there's enough to play haha.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a web version goin' due to a few errors I needa fix up with the GBStudio software I, so only the Game Boy ROM's available.

Here's a list of the (so so many, oof) themes and weeks covered too:

October 5th - 12th: Draw Yours (Or Anyones) Twitch Username

October 12th - 19th: Tarot Cart Designs

October 19th - 26th: Potions

October 26th - November 2nd: Fantasy Landscapes

November 2nd - November 9th: Ocean Floor

November 9th - November 16th: Mythical Pets

November 16th - November 23rd: Pareidolia

November 23rd - November 30th: Shadows

I still need to add more to this description, like music file credits and an edited video of when the game was played live on stream but I will add a link to suitntie22's brilliant F-Zero P, which was the framework for the gameplay of Weakly Themes. Everything they make is amazing too so give 'em a looksie.

Aaaanyway, hopefully it all works fine...hopefully haha. Aaand if it does; enjoy the game!


WeaklyThemesRom.rar 180 kB

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