A game created in a minute. While also being a game that was made in ten minutes. As well as being a game that was made in an hour.

The third game Iv'e created for Sezzadactyl's Twitch stream weekly theme, with this one being a drawing done in a minutes, then redone in ten minutes, finally being redone again over an hour. Was a cool concept so I thought I'd try my hand at a Game Boy game version.

Arrow Keys or WASD To Move

Z To Interact

Cheers for lookin' and possibly giving the game a go. It's a short one but was fun to make. Much love and have a great one.

- Michael, Game Buoy Games

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AuthorGameBuoyGames - Michael Towns
Tagsboy, game, Game Boy, gb, gbstudio, nintendo, sezza, sezzadactyl, studio, theme


One+Ten+Sixty ROM 36 kB


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Hi! Would it be possible to make the ROMs from this game and "Sezza vs. Quackmas" available for download?