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Ayyyyyy lmao,

Sooo back in 2019 (mmmm 2019, miss you <3) I made a Game Boy game to celebrate the Retrospekt retro gaming museum which was being held at the Adelaide AVCon gaming and anime convention. Among the many many folks I added to the game, a few were from the local video game podcast Hack The Dino.

Not long after this, another host was added to the Hack The Dino lineup; a legend named Floppy. He picked up one of the physical AVCon 2019 Game Boy carts off me, but ever lamented 'bout not being added to one of me GBStudio made games.

Years on, and in between putting together a Game Boy game to celebrate Slopes Game Rooms podcast, Slopescast, first year anniversary, I decided to rectify this travesty. Which is what you now see before your eye-like peppers that're situated on the top of ya face. Unless your using text-to-speech or somethin'...in which case it'd be you ear-peepers...

The Floppy Game.

There's not much gameplay and it's more of an animation, as well as only taking 'bout fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. And it being a massive Hack The Dino in-joke in video game form. With some graphical issues, a few of the backgrounds kinda blend into heads. But, like with the Slopescast game, I like how it looked. So I kept it in haha. Plus I wanted to finish this before the Feb 11th 2022 episode was streaming on Twitch. 

Aaaand I made it in time haha, yay.

Hope ya'll who give this a shot enjoy the quick trip into Floppy World. Especially Floppy himself. You legend. And Anto, who was also added to the Hack The Dino line-up recent after doing a great job behind the scenes. You're in here too, champ,

Peace out and stay safe y'all.


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